Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 1

Primary 1/2 had a great start to Health Week this morning with a brisk fifteen minute walk around our beautiful school grounds. The sun was shining and the colours of autumn looked stunning on our magnificent Horse Chestnut tree.
Later on, Daisy’s mum, a dietician, visited us and told us all about Healthy Eating. We learned about the food groups and how to make a rainbow in our tummies with different fruits and vegetables. We are going to try hard to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to keep our bodies happy!
Many thanks to Sandra who very kindly answered Primary 2’s request for expert advice on ways to keep healthy. You really have given us food for thought!

One thought on “Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 1”

  1. You looked like you had lots of fun during your 15 minute walk in the Autumn sunshine and when you were learning about healthy eating with Mrs Bowdler.
    A great start to your Health Week. Well done P1/2. Mrs Peaston x

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