Health Week in P4

P4 have had a busy and exciting day today. Our day began by running a mile.  The pupils alternated sprints and jogging and then checked their pulses to see the effect that exercise has on our heart rate. To relax our minds after the run we lay down on the floor and listened to music of Buddhist monks chanting as part of our RME topic.  After break P4 enjoyed an exciting judo class where they learned the judo hold, how to pin their partner to the mat and a judo throw. The pupils even learned a few words in Japanese to accompany their moves.

In the afternoon Mrs Askham, Freddie, Jo Jo and Esme’s mum came in to talk to us about art therapy. We discussed mental and physical  health and then wrote down some of our own feelings which were stored inside beautiful feelings boxes made by the pupils.  P4 ended the day with a quiz  on body facts and then won £1,000,000 on a health version on Who wants to be a Millionaire.

4 thoughts on “Health Week in P4”

  1. What a brilliant week it’s been so far. The kids look like they’re having a fantastic time and are loving it. Thank you for the photos!

  2. Wonderful to see all these fantastic pictures, of all the fun activities organised this week. Looks like its been great fun!! Lots of hard work gone in to all the organising and taking part, Well done everyone.

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