P2/3 Go on a Bug Hunt!

Today P2/3 have been taking part in a survey of invertebrates that is being being run nationwide. Unfortunately the weather was wet for the first day in ages but we went ahead regardless! To do the survey we had to dig up a 30cm square of grass and identify and count how many different invertebrates we could find. The rain had encouraged lots of worms to appear but we did not find many other varieties – they had more sense and had clearly burrowed further down to avoid the wet!
Huge thanks to Mrs Dalrymple, Mrs Roden, Peter (Leah H’s granddad) Mrs Russell and Mrs Jarron for braving the weather and helping us to complete the survey.

3 thoughts on “P2/3 Go on a Bug Hunt!”

  1. Well done everyone, for taking part in this survey despite the rain and mud. I’ve never seen so many worms!

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