Primary 6 Cycle Training and JRSO Assembly

For the past week, Primary 6 pupils have been doing cycle training, building on the sessions that they did last year. They must become competent enough so that they are safe enough to cycle on the roads.

They have been learning to turn and slow down using different signals. They have been learning about the life saving skills of looking behind and checking that there are no cars before signalling and manoeuvring. Cyclists need to be especially careful when they are coming in and out of junctions and when overtaking.

Everyone has been working very hard and concentrating on safe cycling. Thank you to Mrs Mason, Mr Porteous and Mrs Mathieson for all your help.

This morning, the JRSOs also did a special assembly about being seen in the dark. This is especially important during the winter months. They reminded to wear bright and reflective clothing so that we can be seen by motorists and cyclists. Remember: ‘Be seen, be safe!’

Mackenzie, Niamh and Joe