P6 had great fun working with Alan Penman, a very talented musical composer, who taught them how to write and record their very own song! After lots of collaborative brainstorming and creative thinking, P6 decided to write a song about pop culture in the 80s. They worked hard to write the verses and the chorus, and then turned the mobile into their very own recording studio!

Have a listen to their song and tell us what you think of it. Miss Salmon thinks it could be the next UK number one!

A HUGE thank you Alan for working with us!

3 thoughts on “P6 GO ‘CRAZY FOR THE EIGHTIES!’”

  1. Fantastic P6. Brings back lots of memories. ….. I think I should ask for your autographs now before you become stars!!

  2. Great song P6! I remember it all very well. Well done for all your hard work.

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