Primary 1 Plant Wild Flower Seeds

Last week Primary 1 planted the vetch and mallow seeds that they had collected with John for our WOW wild flower meadow. The children planted most of the seeds in compost and are looking after them carefully in the classroom until the time is right to plant them outside. The boys and girls saved some of the seeds and scattered them directly onto the meadow. They will watch with interest to see if these start to grow. The class also enjoyed a walk around the WOW, checking that everything was in order. They picked up some litter and also noticed that Mollie the Mouse was needing repaired. Lucy, our member of the “Fix It” Responsibility Group, arranged with Mrs Russell to have Mollie repaired. The children also noticed that Ollie the Owl, keeper of the WOW, was almost falling off his perch! He has now been returned to his former position. (The boys and girls will be writing about what happened….)