Nursery/P.1 Wonderful Wednesday: Buddhism

On Wednesday the morning nursery and Primary 1 continued their collaborative learning by working together to find out about Buddhism. The Primary 1 classroom was filled with relaxing music and the lovely scent of burning incense. The children gathered around a beautiful silver statue of Buddha and learned about the Buddhist way of life. They looked at some Buddhist artwork and enjoyed listening to a story about a Monkey King. The boys and girls also took part in activities including making flowers which they put beneath the school values tree and making bird cakes which they hung up in the Wood of Wonder. The children also had a go at yoga and relaxation. It was a very calm, peaceful Wonderful Wednesday all round!

One thought on “Nursery/P.1 Wonderful Wednesday: Buddhism”

  1. Wow what a wonderful morning. My idea of a good time, yoga and making things. Fantastic! Andrea ?

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