Harvest Time!

Today we have had our first harvest from our vegetable garden – a variety of salad leaves. We were delighted to see lots of ladybirds on our plants – hopefully eating all the little bugs that might eat our crops. We have picked spinach, lollo rosso, rocket and red mustard leaves. After washing, we all had a taste and then we did a survey to find the class favourite. It turned out to be red mustard, which won by a whisker from spinach and lollo rosso. Thank you to Naimh’s mum who supplied the plants.

One thought on “Harvest Time!”

  1. You certainly have green fingers P.2/3! The vegetable garden looks fantastic! You must have had fun tasting your home grown produce and then doing a survey to find out the favourite. The photographs of the ladybirds are lovely too. Well done everyone.

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