Lest We Forget

This afternoon Primary 1 and 2 visited Aberlady Parish Church to have a closer look at the beautiful display of poppies. Mrs I’Anson and Mrs Langan-Fortune, both from the Aberlady Craft Club, met us there and told us all about the poppies and the work that had gone into the project. It was fascinating to find out that so many people from far and wide had contributed to the making of the poppies. The children were delighted to see the display and very happy that they had helped too. The church looks truly stunning.

One thought on “Lest We Forget”

  1. We were so glad to have all the poppies that the pupils made. Thank you for all those crafty efforts. Everyone who has visited has said those poppies look so good along the paths, in the church and as part of the Poppy Cascade itself.
    We enjoyed talking to you today about the work of the Craft Group and this year’s very special project. We all worked well together – just as you do in school – and we felt pleased with how it turned out. This project will be a special memory for all of us. We hope the poppies have helped others to remember, too.

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