What is going on in p3/4? By Abigail

On the 1st of December in P3/4 we found an Elf and a book. We were allowed to name him.  We had a vote to see what we would call him and in the end we called him Bob. He has been up to mischief. First he poured salt all over the table and wrote HI in it . He also lay down in the middle of it! Then he stole some chocolate from  the advent calendar! Then he wrote “have fun at  the pantomime” on the table! Then he taped himself to the wall! After that he made a Lego bed and had a rest. Then he was up again he covered our model tree in toilet roll! Then he went in the tray of balls and he was sun bathing in it! Then he made paper snow flakes and he tidied up after himself. Then he  wrote a card saying ” I’m sorry love Bod.”

by Abigail Sophia Thompson