P.1 World of Work: Day 4

This morning Primary 1 had three more “World of Work” visitors! Louise talked about her job as a psychologist and how she helps people to settle their thoughts. She told us that it is very important to look after our feelings and that sleep gives our brains a chance to rest. Then she took us on a “Magic Carpet” adventure which was very relaxing! Our next visitor, Margaret, told us all about her husband’s decorating business. The children were very interested to see the safety clothes that Kenny wears and especially the long handled brush that he uses to reach very high ceilings! Our last visitor was Arlene and she told the boys and girls all about her work as an anaesthetist. She explained how she helps to make people feel comfortable and safe during operations and how she helps when babies are being born. Many thanks to our visitors for giving us such an interesting morning exploring the “World of Work”.

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