Sport Relief

Today was the start of our Sport Relief week where we are embracing the ‘Daley Challenge’ (that’s Tom Daley – not a spelling mistake!!) Each day every class will do an active challenge instead of the Daily Mile – today was Hula Hoop Monday. In addition to class activities, there was lots of hula hooping going on with our super energetic children at break!
On Friday the whole school challenge will be ‘Boogie Friday’ when everyone will dance together at the end of break time (and I mean everyone!). During the week some of the Inclusion Committee, plus other willing P7s are dancing on the stage at break time to teach everyone Friday’s dance. Such was the enthusiasm today, the dancing went on at lunch time as well! Thank you to those who joined in – you’ll be experts by Friday!
Of course Sport Relief is about raising money. Wristbands are for sale each break time for £1 and we have asked everyone to bring in a donation for our Boogie Friday – on Friday!
Thank you.