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Lennox Book Awards

P5, P6 and P7 of Aberlady Primary School went to an event at Cockenzie Primary School on Tuesday the 9th of February. Pupils at each school had to vote for 1 out of 3 authors for them to win an award (all of Aberlady Primary voted Gill Lewis) and had to bring in work relating to a book the author had made. We all did stuff related to the book, ‘Sky Hawk’. P5 did stop-motion animations, P6 did Pop Art and P7 did a trailer for a movie of the book. The other authors were Nicola Davies and Piers Torday. Also, Gill Lewis (who we voted for) won the award!

★ By Gregor ★

Thumble Tumble Competition

The author of Thumble tumble came in to see P4 to P7 with her books called Thumble tumble and she said that she was having a competition which was to draw a character which the winners drawing would be put into a limited edition book and James Richie came runner up in the competition and he won a trophy and a £25 book token

Jack. V 🙂

Thumble Tumble

The author of Thumble Tumble came to us last year to talk to us about her book. There was a compotation to draw a picture of a character in the book James Ritchie from P7 came runner up he won a trophy and a £25 book token 🙂

by James Ritchie P7