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P3/4 ELF ON THE SHELF by Rachel

P3/4 has a elf on the shelf # very mad he is called bob.

He has made snow angles in salt and he ate some chocolate from  our advent CALNDER  .And he has been drawing on the table and

it said have fun at the panto ! and he made a Lego bed .

Also he wrapped toilet paper around our glitter tree

by Rachel Melville





Our Elf called Bob by Niamh

Our class have an elf called Bob. Bob is VERY  naughty. He ate some of our chocolate.  He is also quite a tidy elf but just a few days ago he stuck himself to the wall and on the 5th of December he graffited  on table. He wrote: HAVE FUN AT THE PANTO. On the 12th he made paper snowflakes.  What else he will get up to?


P3/4 ELF on the shelf by Jason

P3/4 have a new member of their class!

He has been doing snow angels!

He has made a snow flake decorations!

He made a made himself a Lego bed!

He made a ball pit!

He ate some of our  chocolate!

He wrote on the tables!

He stuck himself on the wall with tape!

He is very naughty!

By Jason








all about the aberlady elf!!! By Hamish

P3/4 have an exciting new visitor!

An elf the shelf.

He has:

  • drawn on the table
  • made a Lego bed with a table next to it
  • wrapped toilet paper around our classes sparkly tree
  • made snow flakes out of paper
  • chocolate out of our class calendar
  • made a snow angel out of snow
  • stuck himself to the wall
  • made a ball pool

And his name is Bob.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          by Hamish



P3/4’s Elf on the shelf

P3/4  have  been watching the elf on the shelf. (if you don’t know what it is we will tell you… it is an elf from  Santa and they are very naughty. ) We found him on the 1st of December. Our elf is very mischievous he gets up to lots of things like… Drawing on the table, making a bed out of Lego, covering the tree in toilet roll, sticking himself to the wall and making snow angles  out of salt. He also ate some of our chocolate from our advent calendar and  went into our ball pit. Today he made some paper snow flake. We have just had a vote to name him and the winner was Bob. He is very funny we all love him!!!!!

By Charlotte and Harris