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What is going on in p3/4? By Abigail

On the 1st of December in P3/4 we found an Elf and a book. We were allowed to name him.  We had a vote to see what we would call him and in the end we called him Bob. He has been up to mischief. First he poured salt all over the table and wrote HI in it . He also lay down in the middle of it! Then he stole some chocolate from  the advent calendar! Then he wrote “have fun at  the pantomime” on the table! Then he taped himself to the wall! After that he made a Lego bed and had a rest. Then he was up again he covered our model tree in toilet roll! Then he went in the tray of balls and he was sun bathing in it! Then he made paper snow flakes and he tidied up after himself. Then he  wrote a card saying ” I’m sorry love Bod.”

by Abigail Sophia Thompson

P3/4 ELF On The Shelf by Cody

My name is Bob and I am an elf.  I love getting up to mischief!

I will tell you what I have  been doing  over night. I have put salt on the table and lied down on it to make a snow angel and I stole chocolate from the advent calendar. I drew on the table. I taped myself to the wall. I made myself a Lego  bed . I  covered   the tree in toilet roll. I jumped into a tub of balls and today I maid snow flakes.

By Bob the Elf







Elf Adventures by Wilhelm

P3/4 have had a visitor who has come to stay in their class this Christmas.  His name is Bob and he is an Elf.

Bob has been a little bit naughty while he has been with us.  He has drawn on the table and made a snow angel from salt, he even ate some of our advent calendar chocolate.

I like having him in our class because it’s fun to see what he gets up to  every day!

On Christmas eve Bob will have to go and help Santa because the elves need to pack the sleigh.


P3/4 All About Planets

P3/4  have been learning about space.

Here are some facts about Mercury.

1.Mercury has no water.

2. It has a lot of craters because asteroids have hit it.

3. Even though Mercury is the closest planet to the sun it is not the hottest planet. Venus is the hottest planet

P3/4 facts about planets

P3/4 have been learning about space.

Here are some facts  about the planets:

1.  Earth is the same size as Venus .

2. Venus is the second planet to the sun.

3.  Venus is the hottest  planet in the  solar system.

4.  Mars is called the red planet.

5. Jupiter is the biggest planet.

6. Mercury has no water.

by Jason and Lexie


All about the solar system

P3/4  have been learning about space.

Here are some facts about Neptune.

  1. It is the 8th planet from the sun.
  2. It takes 165 years to orbit the sun.
  3. Neptune was discovered in 1946.
  4. Neptune has 13 moons.
  5. It takes a very strong telescope to see it.
  6. Neptune is light blue and dark blue.
  7. Neptune  is next to Uranus.

By Taylor, Rachel and Charlotte