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P3/4 guitar performance

On Tuesday P3/4 saw a guitar performance by one of our parents. He can play Uptown Funk , Back in Black , Johnny be good and Castle on a Hill. The guitars were bass , electric and acoustic guitar. It was Cody”s Dad. It went on for 20 minuets. It was fun!!

By Alasdair Fairclough


What have Nursery and P7 been up to?

Nursery have been learning about recycling. They have been learning about what reduce, reuse and recycle means. The have also been learning about how to make compost. The Nursery told me how to make it, you put food in the compost bins and it turns into compost! You use compost to plant flowers. Nursery are going to go on to learn about mini beasts next! Well done!

The P7s have been working extremely hard over the past couple of weeks to put together our end of term show, ‘The Rocky Monster Show’. We have been going down to the Aberlady Community hall to practise the play. We have all been trying very hard to memorise all of our lines and songs and we are getting on very well. I’m sure it is going to be a great show and I hope you can come along to watch us in action! Good Luck P7s!

By Catrin, Primary 7

P3/4 guitar peformance

on Tuesday P3/4 and P2/3 had a parent come and play the guitar. He can play Uptown funk and Back in black and Johnny b good and Castle on the hill. He was Cody’s dad and he played the base guitar and a electric guitar and a normal guitar. It went on for about 20 Aiden selby

P7 Camp

Two weeks ago, Primary 7 went to Dounan’s camp for Monday to Friday, We got put in our dorms with people from schools such as Dirleton, Gullane, Athelstaneford, etc. We did lots of activities such as Canoeing, Raft Build, Tree climb(45 feet), burn scramble, archery, problem solving, crate climb, Night line, etc. We all met a lot of new people and it was really good. I honestly think more people would love it there, its tiring but worth the time.

Written by Milly

P7-P1 gala preparation

Every Friday P1 and P7s go to the school hall to practice our gala
staging and reading our speeches so we can try remember them
without the slip of paper. The P1s and P7s have been working very
hard to make tomorrow as special as it can be. Good luck for
Saturday P1s and P7s.
By Amelia

P1s trip to the seabird centre

On Thursday the 24th of May 2017 Primary 1 went on a trip to the seabird centre in North Berwick. First they went onto the beach to look in rock pools to try and find animals like sea creatures. Then they went inside the seabird centre to have some lunch. Then they went down the tunnel to the soft play room and then to the film room were you could watch films all about the animals you could find in East Lothian. Then Primary 1 went back up to pack there bags and went on a bus back to school and by the time they had got back there was only time to pack there bags and then the bell rang and they went home. P11 loved the trip and wished they could go back really soon!

By Jackson Gray P6 and Riley Poulart P1