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Chinese New Year

Primary 1 have enjoyed their mini topic all about Chinese New Year, especially this morning when the task was to taste a fortune cookie at milk time! The boys and girls were delighted to find a good luck message inside their cookies. Later they shared their learning about Chinese New Year with the whole school at assembly. The children played “Give Us a Clue” and remembered lots of facts about how this special day is celebrated around the world. Well done everyone!

French School Improvement Group

The French Group has been busy this year encouraging everyone to have fun speaking French. Our weekly whole school challenge has been very successful and everyone is having a go! (The dinner ladies in particular are top of the class!) The French reps have been making a good job of keeping their classroom displays up to date as a reminder of the weekly challenge. This afternoon they were busy looking at resources and making up a wish list of things that will support the learning of French in all our classes. Bravo les enfants!

Wonderful Wednesday: Gung Hay Fat Choy!

This morning the Nursery and Primary 1 enjoyed another Wonderful Wednesday. The theme this time was the Chinese New Year. The children found out about some of the beliefs of the Chinese people and how they celebrate this important festival. The boys and girls made lovely Chinese lanterns and beautiful wall hangings. They also created their own Chinese music, learned a Chinese New Year song and had a go at some dragon dance moves accompanied by percussion instruments. Well done everyone!

Primary 1 Gets Wild About Scotland!

This morning Primary 1 took part in a “Wild About Scotland” workshop called “Skulls, Diet and Teeth”. The children found out about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and they took part in a food chain activity. Many thanks to the RZSS team for visiting us.

New Bed For Baby Bear!

On Friday Primary 1 was given the challenge of designing and making a bigger, more comfortable bed for Baby Bear. (It has been a while since Goldilocks visited the Three Bears’ house and Baby Bear has outgrown his little bed.) The children worked in pairs and used their knowledge about materials and their measuring skills to complete the challenge successfully. First they did some research, looking at pictures of children’s beds on Google Images. Then they discussed their ideas together and drew a plan. Next they looked at the materials available and chose the best ones for the each part of their design. Then they made the bed, checking that Baby Bear would fit in it. Last of all the teams reviewed their work and reported back to the class, talking about things that had worked well and changes that had to be made. Fantastic work, everyone!

P.1 Birds of the Bay Workshop 2

Today Primary 1 completed their 3D hanging birds for the gala. The children decorated their birds with beautiful feathers which they made using the printed patterns that they had created last week. The boys and girls have thoroughly enjoyed the whole project and developed confidence in their own creative skills, gently supported and encouraged by our team of art experts. The children are looking forward to seeing their art work displayed during gala week! Many thanks once again to Kate, Andrea, Cheryl and Pam.