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P.1/2 Weather Report

Primary 1/2 have been finding out about “Weather” this term. The children made rain gauges and set them up in the school grounds. They have been monitoring the amount of rainfall over the past week and are going to record the results on charts. The children have had fun in the role play area too which has been set up as the BBC weather forecasting studio. A lot has been happening weather-wise both here and abroad! The children have also set weather challenges at the other learning zones in the classroom. Here’s hoping it snows for Christmas!

Le Retour de Mathieu!

Last week P.1/2 were delighted when their French friend, Mathieu, returned from Normandy to Aberlady and visited the class! Mathieu is working with classes in different East Lothian schools this session and he is also helping to train the new French assistants. He was very impressed when our new Primary 1 pupils introduced themselves in French and Primary 2 demonstrated their numeracy skills by counting up to twenty in French! Then Mathieu taught us a new counting game and song which we can add to our repertoire. He also visited his other former pupils in school too. Merci beaucoup, Mathieu. A bientôt!

Nursery/Primary 1 Thriving Thursday

The morning nursery and Primary 1 enjoyed another successful Thriving Thursday today. The numeracy and maths focus continues and this time the children carried out investigations all about measurement. They took part in four activities which included measuring and comparing weight, length, capacity and volume. The children were delighted when Colin the Counting Cobra put in an appearance and helped out with some measurement investigations. Well done, everybody!

Nursery/P.1 Thriving Thursday

This morning our nursery and Primary 1 classes worked together outside in the playground exploring numbers. They took part in four exciting activities which involved lots of problem solving, detective work and co-operation. Then the children gathered together in the Primary 1 classroom and used their numeracy skills to sort out numbers one to ten. The busy morning ended with an Aberlady rendition of a well known song- “Ten in a bed”. Very well done, boys and girls!