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P7 Music compositions

In music, for the last couple of weeks, P7 have been making creative music compositions. On the 1st week we were listening to music and doodling what the music made us think of. On the 2nd week we got into groups of 4 and identified characters in our doodles from the past week. As a group we chose 4 characters, we could put into a story. On the 3rd week, we worked together to create a story with our characters in it. We were then asked to write little motifs (a tune that is played every time the character came into the story) and tunes to set the scene. On the last week we were practising and rehearsing our pieces. Finally we performed them, and they all sounded wonderful!

P1 and P7 Buddies

In primary one, the primary seven pupils have been playing with their buddies, “I am enjoying playing football with my buddies Sean and Amber at playtime” says Riley. Riley has also been looking at counting up to one hundred in his classroom, he says he enjoys counting in primary one and he always tries his best, Riley can now count up to twenty.

P7 are doing the Charlie and the chocolate factory for topic

P7 are learning about Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the chocolate factory for topic. They have read three chapters of Charlie and the chocolate factory and they are really enjoying it so far.

They have made up a friend for Charlie with a backstory, personality and a nice picture. They have also made family trees for Charlie’s family, it has inspired them to make there own family trees at home. P7 have done very well on this topic and are very exited to see what they do next.