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Day one at Benmore!

Primary 7 left this morning for a fun filled week at Benmore. We hear that they spent the first hour touring around East Lothian picking up children from all the other cluster schools. They apparently passed Aberlady Primary around an hour after they left!
They have now arrived safely at Benmore and settled in well. We hear that they enjoyed an exploratory walk in the rain this afternoon! Mrs Mackay has confirmed that there is no internet access so they will not be able to post to the website themselves. We are however hoping that Mrs Mckay can phone with a daily up date which will be posted! Any messages that parents wish to have passed on can be left in the comments section and we will do our best to report them to camp each day!


Each class had a session of Taekwondo on Tuesday 12th May. It proved incredibly popular and has been voted one of the favourite sessions of the week by the Primary 6 children. The photographs certainly show everyone having a fantastic time! The children were all impressed with how well they could jump and kick! Thank you to David Clark for organising and taking the sessions.

Meet the Chef and the Fishmonger!

The Health Committee (Niamh P2/3, Angus and Isabella P3/4, Ewan, Stephanie and Eve P4/5, Ailidh and Kieran P6 and Rachael A and Emma P7) had surveyed the whole school way back in September to find out what they would like during Health Week. One of the most popular suggestions was to have a “Meet the Chef” Workshop. Mr Robin Austin kindly offered his services. He visited a Health Committee Meeting to find out what the children would like him to do. Mr Austin organised the fun sessions and brought along his Fishmonger colleague Gordon. They had a variety of local produce to show the children and spoke about the importance of eating a balanced diet. The children were challenged to organise a variety of different food products into one of the five main food groups. Gordon brought a range of fish and everyone enjoyed touching the live lobster!
Thank you very much to Robin and Gordon; the children really enjoyed being able to question a “real live Chef”! They were also impressed when Robin told them he had cooked for the Queen!

Tooth Brushing Workshop

We all had a tooth brushing workshop from Carolanne on Monday 11th May as part of our Health Week. It was fascinating to see pictures of what could happen to our teeth if we did not care for them. Carolanne spoke about fizzy juice and fruit shoots and the damage they can cause to our teeth. We also spoke about plaque and how we can prevent decay. Primary 6 thought that it was really interesting and loved it when Carolanne’s bear squirted water at them through its teeth! Thank you to Carolanne and her team for an informative and fun session!