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Harvest Time!

Today we have had our first harvest from our vegetable garden – a variety of salad leaves. We were delighted to see lots of ladybirds on our plants – hopefully eating all the little bugs that might eat our crops. We have picked spinach, lollo rosso, rocket and red mustard leaves. After washing, we all had a taste and then we did a survey to find the class favourite. It turned out to be red mustard, which won by a whisker from spinach and lollo rosso. Thank you to Naimh’s mum who supplied the plants.

P2/3 Down on the Farm

On Monday P2/3 went to Castlemains Farm as part of our local landscape topic to find out about what the land is used for on a farm in East Lothian. We found out that Castlemains is an arable farm and it grows lots of different kinds of crops – wheat, barley, oats, potatoes and peas among others. We learned to identify these crops and what they might be used for. We also visited the pig and 6 sheep that live on the farm and were able to feel a fleece that had just been cut from one of the sheep last week. It felt very oily! We had a great morning and learned a lot about the crops. When we got back to school we were very excited to find that our own peas now have pods on them – just like those we had seen at the farm.
Thank you to Craig and Karen at the farm and to Rachel’s dad and Lewis’ mum who came along to help.

P2/3 Magnetism and Electricity Games

P2/3 have been designing, making and evaluating games that use electricity or magnetism and today we played each others games to see how successful we had been. Every group had a different idea for their game and worked well in teams to design and build them. After finishing instructions for the games this morning, we were ready to be evaluators.
Mrs Mackay was very impressed with how well the class undertook this task. All the groups made very fair and useful comments on each others games, giving helpful feedback for how they could do better next time. There was great teamwork on show and everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Christmas Party Fun!

P2/3 and P3/4 had a ball this afternoon at their Christmas party. Dancing and games filled the afternoon before yummy snacks back in the classroom. And although Santa didn’t make it to the party, he managed a flying visit to drop off a parcel in each classroom. Thanks Santa! Thanks also to all the ladies working behind the scenes who provided the lovely spread in the classrooms.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

Recycling Galore!

At the end of this term’s topic P2/3 have been producing Christmas Decorations in their recycling centre and factory! They worked very well in a team in the class ‘production line’ and each pupil also worked successfully on individual recycling. Here are the results of all our work.