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Nature Play

Today we have had a fantastic first session of Nature Play. We enjoyed climbing trees, swinging in hammocks, climbing the cargo rope and much more. We are looking forward to going into the Aberlady woods next week.

Spring has sprung in the nursery

We have been busy this week starting our new topic on spring. We have been out and about in Aberlady to look at blossom in preparation for paintings next week. As the sun has been shining we were lucky to be able to enjoy a picnic in our nursery garden. To help us learn what plants need to grow we have started planting seeds. We also had lots of fun making coloured sensory rice which we have really enjoyed playing with.

Another busy week in the nursery!

Last week we had a very busy week with both the morning and the afternoon class. Or preschoolers have been working extra hard with P1 towards our nativity. We have been singing, learning some sign language and we had Wonderful Wednesday to create some twinkling stars and super signs for props and the set design. Our afternoon class had #takeyourchalkforawalk with the Support from the Start team. We are always mark making in the nursery but we now have lovely chalk to practise outdoor mark making at home. We would love to see your pictures please email them to us or post on our Twitter page @aberladynursery.

P6 Explore Google Expeditions

On Monday P6 had the opportunity to experience virtual reality. We travelled around the world and into space. We visited many countries and saw famous landmarks. P6 looked around the White House and were fascinated by the Taj Mahal. We had a thrilling adventure in a cage surrounded by great white sharks and even went to the moon and saw Neil Armstrong’s shadow. Thank you to Google for this amazing experience and to Mrs Currie for organising it for us.

Autumn fun with our morning children

We have been learning about autumn in the nursery. We have been busy harvesting our vegetables that we planted last year. As part of our learning, we walked to the Bothy shop to buy ingredients to make our carrot cake and we picked some wheat. We ground the wheat into flour to make some bread. We love autumn in the nursery!