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Celebration of Achievement Assembly

We had lots to celebrate at our special assembly this afternoon.

Firstly, Miss Curran told us about the huge amount of donations we have collected for The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. We have collected food, toys, blankets. chews, bowls and treats for cats and dogs. Each pupil who donated was given a raffle ticket and the names of eight children were drawn to go with Miss Curran to deliver the donations next Monday. The lucky pupils are: Connor (P5), Kirsty A. (P5), Ruth (P4), Holly (P4), Lauren (P1), , Katie, Rex and Alexander (Nursery).

Next, Miss Curran announced the good news that F. had won first prize and V. was one of three runners-up in a writing competition run by a book publishing company. They had to describe their favourite Scottish mythical creature. F. wrote about a Loch Nymph and V. wrote about a Gormflurry. We are very proud of them both. They will both receive special signed copies of books, and F. will be guest of honour at a reception at her local library.


Then Miss Curran congratulated pupils who had won swimming prizes. They had won medals, and a quaich and a huge trophy. Well done, everyone.

Next, we voted for the positions of captains and vice-captains of our School Houses for next year. Everyone gave very good speeches and the voting was close. The following positions were decided.

Pefferburn House: Captain: Rory, Vice-Captain: Iona
Gosford House: Captain: Davy, Vice-Captain: Eli
Craigielaw House: Captain: Stuart, Vice-Captains: Freyja and Ben
Luffness House: Captain: Ellis, Vice-Captains: Eve and Ellen


Next, we sang ‘You Are A Star’, led by Rory, Davy and Jamie, to celebrate everyone’s special successes.

Finally, Miss Curran revealed the new compost bin that H. had designed. It is very colourful and will certainly encourage everyone to compost waste matter such as apple cores and banana skins. Well done, H.!


£175 for Purple Pinkie Day

We are delighted to have raised £175 in support of the Rotary Club’s Purple Pinkie Day. On Friday, we all donated money to wear purple for the day.

The Rotary Club are raising money to try to help rid the world of a disease called polio. There are still one or two countries where this disease exists. For every 50 pence raised, a child can be given medicine to protect them from this horrible disease.

Why ‘purple pinkie’? When a child is given their medicine, their pinkie nail is painted with a purple dye to remind the nurses and doctors. Well done, everyone!