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Malawi Celebration Evening for North Berwick Schools

On Friday evening, Ellis, Brenna, Georgie, Ellen, Miss Curran and Miss Strang attended a very special event at Blackadder Church in North Berwick. It was an evening of celebration for all the North Berwick cluster schools that have been raising money for Malawi.


Children of all ages, from Nursery to High School, told us how they had raised money. Continue reading Malawi Celebration Evening for North Berwick Schools

Sir Tom’s Assembly for Malawi

Two years ago, Sir Tom Farmer set our school a challenge to raise £1,000 for Malawi. If we successfully raised the money, Sir Tom promised to match our donation.

Last week, Sir Tom came back to Aberlady to hear about the different ways that we have raised money for schools in Malawi: Beetle drives, collections at school performances, quizzes, garage sales, and so on. P2/3 also performed a play reminding  us to buy Fair Trade goods.

In the end, we didn’t raise £1,000 – we raised over £2,000! Sir Tom was very generous and gave us a cheque to match. Thank you Sir Tom, and well done to everyone who donated so generously.


£175 for Purple Pinkie Day

We are delighted to have raised £175 in support of the Rotary Club’s Purple Pinkie Day. On Friday, we all donated money to wear purple for the day.

The Rotary Club are raising money to try to help rid the world of a disease called polio. There are still one or two countries where this disease exists. For every 50 pence raised, a child can be given medicine to protect them from this horrible disease.

Why ‘purple pinkie’? When a child is given their medicine, their pinkie nail is painted with a purple dye to remind the nurses and doctors. Well done, everyone!


£200 raised for Erskine Hospital

A collection was held at the recent Infant Nativity performances of ‘Christmas with the Aliens’. We are very pleased to announce that we raised £200 for The Erskine Hospital for Ex-Service men and women. It is based in Bishopton near Glasgow, but has a new home in Gilmerton, Edinburgh.


We felt it was appropriate at this time of year to raise money for servicemen and women and their families. Thank you to everyone.