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P6 have done a dance workshop

Last week P6 did a hip hop workshop. They started of by a warm up(tag). Then they started a routine putting 3 dances together. After that they did it fully then a showdown 11VS11. After that they did tweets on how they felt.

Next week p6 are going to a break dance show(see related post.)By Jamie p6 and Minke P2/3.

Responsibility groups are here!!!

Today the whole of Aberlady primary school got to go to there responsibility groups. These are the responsibility groups: blogging, fix it crew, health, learn group, , playpod group, charity, wood of wonder and pupil council. This time all pupils get to take part. Unlike previous years when only p4, p5, p6 and p7 got to go in committees. :[

Your children may as well come home blethering about it.
By Jamie p6 and minke p2

Mini-Bridge Club

Mrs Barrie, a member of the Aberlady community, came into school last term to share a little bit of what is involved in playing mini bridge.  We have 16 pupils from P6 and P7 who have signed up to join the lunch time club that starts next week (12th Jan 2016) Mini bridge helps develop our numeracy skills and should be a lot of fun!