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What can we do with our recyling?

This afternoon we all got together and were set a commonwealth challenge by the eco committee. Each house was given a commonwealth country – India, St Lucia, Namibia and Tonga. They then looked at each country and recreated some of their famous buildings, costumes, food, animals and transport.

The whole school then met in the hall and showed everyone the results of us all working together and being creative.

Look what we have created from recycled junk!

Eco Orienteering

Today was eco day in school. We started the day with an hour of no paper and no power in all the classrooms which was a challenge but made us all think about the amount of paper and electricity we do use each day.
The eco committee organised an orienteering course in around our playground which was great fun. We had to search for photos of areas which made us think about the environment around us. Each photo had a letter or word attached to it which spelt out a message. We had to work in pairs to find the letters and words and then went back to our classrooms to work out that “This is an eco school”, and “We have a beautiful world. Let’s work together to help to keep it that way.”
What is the message?


On Wednesday in Eco Week the whole school learned what Biodiversity means and why it is so important to look after the huge range of wildlife in our world, from the tiniest organisms to the biggest mammals.The younger pupils learned about food chains and what can happen if one small part of it is disrupted. Then one of the youngest pupils was turned into a Biodiversity Officer!
Our older pupils learned about how long it has taken for life to evolve on the planet and how easy it is for us to damage our world.
Stuart Macpherson, the council’s biodiversity officer, told us all about it in a fun way that cetainly got the children thinking about this issue. Thanks Stuart!
Biodiversity on PhotoPeach

P2 No Paper Day

Today has been No-Paper Day and classes have been busy doing lots of active learning. In P2 we have been creating and acting out stories in drama. We have also helped the school to make the giant world in the playground – see a separate post about that. Finally we cleared the world away and put all the clothes in the Rag Bag for recycling.
P2 drama on PhotoPeach

Eco Week – Final Day

Our final activity of Eco Week was to make a giant world out in the playground using the clothes we had collected for the Rag Bag recycling bin. Everyone had a chance to help to fill the outline of our world up with items of clothing, shoes, curtains blankets and other textiles. At the end P2 packed all the clothes away and put them in the Rag Bag bin. Good news! The bin is full again and we have 4 more bags to go in. This means more money for the school.Thank you to everyone who sent in items for recycling over the week. It was all used – more than once, and our Eco Week was a great success.
Rag Bag Art on PhotoPeach