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Bonjour Audrey!

The P6/P7 pupils at Aberlady met Audrey, the French assistant from NBHS today and she comes from Lyon in the south-east of France. Just recently we had a post on French 24 about the “Fête des Lumières” (Festival of Lights) in Lyon. She  explained that this is a really big event for the town and lots of visitors come to see it. She has gone to see it lots of times too! We all thought it looked fantastic! She also told us that the people who live in Lyon (Les Lyonnais) light little candles and put them in their windows too!

 P6 did an interview with Audrey so you could find out all about her as well! Merci Audrey – on s’est bien amusés et.. un grand merci aux élèves de P6 pour cette interview.