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We have a Health Committee at Aberlady Primary School. This is where we will tell you about what we are working on. Our next meeting is on Tuesday the 27th May.

Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 5

The change in the weather did not discourage us here at Aberlady Primary School and our final day of Health Week got off to a great start with a “Wake Up and Shake Up in the Rain” led by the Health Committee. We demonstrated our ability to be flexible by completing our whole school “Skip-a-thon” indoors using the G.P. room and the corridors. Thank you, Mrs Paterson, for directing this activity and congratulations to everyone who took part! We have had a fantastic week and learned a lot about how to keep healthy.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the success of our Health Week 2015!

Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 3

This morning Primary 1/2 enjoyed the “Walk a mile” activity again despite the cloudy weather. They managed three laps of the school grounds this time! The highlight of today, though, was definitely the judo workshop led by Pretti Gardiner. First, the children learned some instructions in Japanese. Then they found out how to do the judo grip. Next they had a go at throws and finally they played some games. At the end of the session they bowed and shook hands. The children know that judo must only be done on the special mats with the judo instructor supervising. Great listening and effort, Primary 1/2! Many thanks to Pretti for coming to work with us.

Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 2

The sun was shining again this morning when Primary 1/2 did a variation of the “Walk a Mile” challenge! The children went on a mystery tour this time – in and out and round about the trees in the wooded area of the playground. They swished through the carpet of autumn leaves at the side of the school and stopped to sing “Ring o’Roses” round the Horse Chestnut tree. The children looked up through the branches at the sky and then gave the tree a hug before continuing on their journey. Then the class took part in a taster session of “Enjoy a Ball” in the school hall which they thoroughly enjoyed! Many thanks to Scott “Smelly Socks” MacKenzie who led the workshop. After break Primary 1/2 had a visit from Mrs Fyffe, a nurse, who told the children all about invisible germs. The children were shocked when Nurse Fyffe used blue paint and party poppers to demonstrate how germs spread so quickly and easily. (Your child will explain what happened!) Nurse Fyffe showed the children how to wash their hands effectiviely to avoid spreading germs. Many thanks, Nurse Fyffe, for your expert advice. We promise to take our time and keep washing our hands as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”!

Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 1

Primary 1/2 had a great start to Health Week this morning with a brisk fifteen minute walk around our beautiful school grounds. The sun was shining and the colours of autumn looked stunning on our magnificent Horse Chestnut tree.
Later on, Daisy’s mum, a dietician, visited us and told us all about Healthy Eating. We learned about the food groups and how to make a rainbow in our tummies with different fruits and vegetables. We are going to try hard to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to keep our bodies happy!
Many thanks to Sandra who very kindly answered Primary 2’s request for expert advice on ways to keep healthy. You really have given us food for thought!