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We have a Health Committee at Aberlady Primary School. This is where we will tell you about what we are working on. Our next meeting is on Tuesday the 27th May.

P5/6 Health Week Drama

As part of our second day in Health Week we had a great session of Drama this morning. First of all we played a game called ‘Whoosh!’ which involved pretending a big ball of energy was being passed around the circle. We also did lots of exercises and movements to keep our bodies active and healthy. For the main part of the lesson we had to act out adverts for energy drinks and exercise for lazy people.
We had a great and felt very healthy and certainly felt very energetic!

Make a friend day

Today at Aberlady Primary School the pupils were involved in taking part in ‘Make a Friend Day’ as part of Health Week. The pupils from the older classes paired up with the younger pupils:-
Nursery (am) paired with P1
P2 paired with P3/4
P3 paired with P6/7
P5/6 was free to join any friendship group during morning break but at lunchtime they paired with P1
The older classes went to the younger classes then they all went outside with their snacks and their new friends.

P5/6 Taekwon-Do

To start off Health Week, P5/6 had a Taekwon-Do session with Miss Young, a black belt teacher.
First Miss Young showed us how to do some simple warm-up exercises, such as bending and stretching. Then Miss Young put the class into groups.
Next, we all went up one by one to punch the sponge pad which Miss Young held tightly. Next, we did two different kicks, a turn kick and a straight kick. Then we had to try and kick a board and make it break. Everyone did this successfully.
After that, Miss Young brought out a sponge stick. To practise our concentration and agility, we went up one by one and had to ‘duck’, ‘jump’ or ‘dodge’ the stick. Once everyone had a turn, Miss Young set up a little racing course.
When Miss Young said go, the first person went up to the first cone and did five press ups. They returned to the start and this time they went to the second cone and did five sit ups. Lastly, they went back to the start and then to the third cone and did five squats.
We all enjoyed our session of Taekwon-Do. Thank you, Miss Young!
Lucy Scott & Lily Chambers