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Nursery Sports Day


The nursery morning group had sports day. The children took part in an obstacle race, throwing at a target, a sack race and an egg and spoon race. They played some parachute games while the scores were calculated. Then they had a prize giving.

Nursery and Gardening Club


The gardening club and the nursery children got together this week. They were able to pick salad leaves and radishes from the raised beds. The gardening club have grown these from seed and were happy to share them with the nursery children. They made some funny faces with the vegetables to encourage the children to taste them.

By Iona and Freyja

Nursery and P1 working together

The nursery preschool children were working with P1 children. Each group had a different challenge. Some children worked inside and the others worked outside. The challenges were part of their ‘Growing Things’ topic. The children planned their work, followed their plans and then reviewed each others work.

Nursery’s trip to The National Gallery


The nursery children visited The National Gallery. The theme for the visit was The Four Seasons. They saw four paintings in the gallery and looked closely at the colours and details in the pictures. In the workshop everyone made a collage. Each group tried to think of one season as they chose their colours and textures for the pictures.