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P6 And Nursery Games


The morning Nursery and Primary 6 got together in Health Week for an activity morning. The Primary 6 children prepared and organised four games stations for the Nursery children to rotate around. It was great fun!
The idea was to work together to allow the Nursery and Primary 6 children to get to know each other. The Primary 6 children will be buddies for the Primary 1 children next year

By Charlotte

Nursery Learn About Insects

The children in the nursery have been looking after their stick insects. They collected some leaves for the newly hatched insects to eat. They also fed the goldfish. His name is Bumble and he has to be fed each day. The cocoons that the children have been watching since last October have begun to hatch out. There was a butterfly fluttering in the net on Monday morning

By Samuel – Nursery Webmaster

Nursery Festival of Holi


This week in nursery the children have been learning about a Hindu festival called Holi. They listened to music from India and joined in by playing the drums or dancing. They made Rangoli patterns to decorate the floor of the nursery and wore colourful clothes and painted their faces. They tasted some Indian breads called chapatti and naan for snack. They enjoyed taking part in role play, telling the story of Rama and Sita.

I have been learning how to make a slideshow using Bubbleshare today. Here are the Nursery photos.

By Samuel