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World Book Day – P5/6 Write Stories with P1

This afternoon, to celebrate World Book Day, P1 pupils worked with P5/6 pupils.

P1 pupils made up their own stories and P5/6 pupils wrote them down. Then they worked together drawing pictures to illustrate the stories.


They shared the stories with each other.  They were wonderful.  They will have a fabulous book of stories to celebrate World Book Day 2010!







Primary 1 And The Nursery Had A Very Busy And Exciting Morning Solving Problems With Martyn Pegg, An Outdoor Education Teacher. The Children Had To Work In Teams, Communicating With Each Other And Trying Out Ideas. They Also Took Part In A “Treasure Hunt” In The Senses Garden. Despite The Wet Weather, A Great Time Was Had By All!!!!

P1/2 Plant Detectives

Primary 1/2 have been studying a topic on Plants. They became plant detectives this week. The challenge was to look around the grounds of the school and find three different types of stems. They took magnifying glasses and clipboards to help them to become real scientists!
When they were back in the classroom, the children conducted an experiment to investigate stems. They used food colouring to dye some water red, and then they put a celery stick into it. They made predictions about what would happen and wrote up a short report of their findings.
By Freyja and Cameron