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French School Improvement Group

The French Group has been busy this year encouraging everyone to have fun speaking French. Our weekly whole school challenge has been very successful and everyone is having a go! (The dinner ladies in particular are top of the class!) The French reps have been making a good job of keeping their classroom displays up to date as a reminder of the weekly challenge. This afternoon they were busy looking at resources and making up a wish list of things that will support the learning of French in all our classes. Bravo les enfants!

Primary 1/2 Nativity Hoedown!

The boys and girls in Primary 1 and Primary 2 have been working very hard over the past three weeks putting together a nativity show for their families, friends and the local community. This afternoon the children tried on their costumes in preparation for the dress rehearsal tomorrow morning in the church. They are hoping everyone enjoys their performance. Have fun boys and girls. You’re lookin’ good. Yee ha!

Lest We Forget

This afternoon Primary 1 and 2 visited Aberlady Parish Church to have a closer look at the beautiful display of poppies. Mrs I’Anson and Mrs Langan-Fortune, both from the Aberlady Craft Club, met us there and told us all about the poppies and the work that had gone into the project. It was fascinating to find out that so many people from far and wide had contributed to the making of the poppies. The children were delighted to see the display and very happy that they had helped too. The church looks truly stunning.

P2/3 Down on the Farm

On Monday P2/3 went to Castlemains Farm as part of our local landscape topic to find out about what the land is used for on a farm in East Lothian. We found out that Castlemains is an arable farm and it grows lots of different kinds of crops – wheat, barley, oats, potatoes and peas among others. We learned to identify these crops and what they might be used for. We also visited the pig and 6 sheep that live on the farm and were able to feel a fleece that had just been cut from one of the sheep last week. It felt very oily! We had a great morning and learned a lot about the crops. When we got back to school we were very excited to find that our own peas now have pods on them – just like those we had seen at the farm.
Thank you to Craig and Karen at the farm and to Rachel’s dad and Lewis’ mum who came along to help.

What p2/3 have been doing this week

This week P2/3 went to see the African drumming people. They spoke different languages. Then we watched the
concert, it was very fun to listen to. Also we were doing lots of art about what we saw at the top of North Berwick Law. I found this task very fun and entertaining. For the artwork we were mixing up different shades of blue and green. we were also using water colours to get the shade that we needed. When we had finished doing the picture about the view from the top of the Law, We started drawing the picture of the whale bone. We used the water colours to get the little details.

By Etienne