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P2/3 Magnetism and Electricity Games

P2/3 have been designing, making and evaluating games that use electricity or magnetism and today we played each others games to see how successful we had been. Every group had a different idea for their game and worked well in teams to design and build them. After finishing instructions for the games this morning, we were ready to be evaluators.
Mrs Mackay was very impressed with how well the class undertook this task. All the groups made very fair and useful comments on each others games, giving helpful feedback for how they could do better next time. There was great teamwork on show and everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

We love Scottish fish!

Yesterday Primary 1 and Primary 2/3 were fascinated during Ally Donaldson’s presentation all about J.K.Thomson’s
seafood family business in Musselburgh. Ally told the boys and girls all about the wonderful fish which are found in the seas around Scotland. He showed the children examples of fish including haddock, cod, mackerel, hake and many more. The children learned how only the big fish are caught and prepared and then sent to shops here and abroad to be sold. At the end the boys and girls had the chance to taste some delicious smoked mackerel and salmon! Sincere thanks to Ally for introducing us to the Scottish fishing industry in such an interesting way and thank you also for the goody boxes that you gave us.

Christmas Party Fun!

P2/3 and P3/4 had a ball this afternoon at their Christmas party. Dancing and games filled the afternoon before yummy snacks back in the classroom. And although Santa didn’t make it to the party, he managed a flying visit to drop off a parcel in each classroom. Thanks Santa! Thanks also to all the ladies working behind the scenes who provided the lovely spread in the classrooms.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

Panda Visit!

No – we did not have Pandas in school! However we did have a visit from Sandie Robb from The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland who is involved in a project to protect Pandas both here in Scotland and out in China. She told us lots of facts about Giant Pandas and Red Pandas and brought some great activities for us to do to help us learn more about China and the pandas.