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P3/4 guitar performance

On Tuesday P3/4 saw a guitar performance by one of our parents. He can play Uptown Funk , Back in Black , Johnny be good and Castle on a Hill. The guitars were bass , electric and acoustic guitar. It was Cody”s Dad. It went on for 20 minuets. It was fun!!

By Alasdair Fairclough


P3/4 guitar peformance

on Tuesday P3/4 and P2/3 had a parent come and play the guitar. He can play Uptown funk and Back in black and Johnny b good and Castle on the hill. He was Cody’s dad and he played the base guitar and a electric guitar and a normal guitar. It went on for about 20 Aiden selby

P4/P7 Art/Art Auction

In Primary 4 in art we have been creating pieces of artwork of tulips, we all had to think about how big we would sketch them out then we would draw the outline, we were given a choice of the colours brown, red and blue of the pot. Our teacher Miss Higgins searched if they were green tulips and we found out that they are  but they are very faded. For the detail and the colour we used pencil, We all had fun, it took us some time but we very much enjoyed  it.

In P7 we were studying the village study and enterprise. We were all given a choice of what part/historic site of Aberlady to sketch, watercolour paint then paint the final piece on a canvas. Quite recently we had an art auction open to anybody who would like to come and try to bid for a painting, or to just watch or get some refreshments or to watch the nature documentary. We all had fun painting and organising what we needed for the art auction.

Written by Leah and Milly