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P3/4 Class Amaryllis

P3/4 are growing an amaryllis in our classroom. It was given to our teacher by Roddy at Christmas time. We planted it on 10th January 2009.  It has grown very tall since we planted it.  It has a large bud which is gradually turning pink. It is sprouting very quickly and is already over 60 centimetres tall. The variety is called ‘Apple Blossom’ and Miss Strang has told us that it will be a lovely pink and white colour, just like the colour of apple blossom. Our class can’t wait for it to grow to its full size. We think it will look beautiful.

Angus and Reilly

P3\4 Red Nose Day Jokes

P3/4 Red Nose Day Jokes

Each class is raising money for Red Nose Day by donating £1.00 to tell a joke in class. The most popular joke from each class will be told at Assembly on Thursday and an overall winner will be chosen.

Here are the jokes from P3/4. The winning joke was told by Jack C.
You can read it at the end of the list. It’s a cracker!!

Q:  Why do children go to school?
A:  Because school won’t come to them!
(Jack D.)

Q: When do tigers eat people?
A: On Chewsday!

Q: What do an apple and a bogie have in common?
A: They both get picked and they both get eaten!

Q: Why don’t the most popular crisps win the marathon?
A: Because they are Walkers!

Q: What do you call a greedy ant?
A: An anteater!

Q: How do farmers count their cows?
A: They use a cowculator!

Q:  Why do window cleaners hate vampires?
A:  Because they are a pane in the neck!
(Kirsty I)

Q: Which day of the week do fish hate?
A: Fryday!

Q: What did the earwig say to the other earwig when it
fell out of the tree?
A: Earwig-go! Earwig-go! Earwig-go!

Q:  What do penguins sing to Santa on his birthday?
A:  Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Q:  What do ducks watch in the morning?
A:  The Feather Forecast!

Q:  What will happen when the Forth Road Bridge
A:  They will build a fifth Road Bridge!

Q:  What is a crocodile’s favourite game?
A:  Snap!

Q: What animal should you not play with?
A:  A cheetah!

A man went to prison and twelve years later he got out. He stood at the gate of the prison shouting “I’m free! I’m free!”
A little girl was standing nearby and said, “That’s nothing, I’m four!” (Aidan)

Q:  What does the Pink Panther say when he steps on an
A:  Dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant…..
(Kirsty A)

Q:  What kind of car does a bee drive?
A:  A Bee-M.W.

Q:  How long do chickens work?
A:  Around the cluck!

Q: What do you get if you cross a dinosaur with a
A:  A Piranhasaurus Rex!

And the winner is ……………………………..

Q: What do you call a duck that steals soap from your
A:  A robber duck!

Boom! Boom!

Well done, Jack C.!

Recycled Fashion Show

Recycled Fashion Show

Classes P3 /4 and P4 /5 are going to present a Recycled Fashion Show on Thursday, April 1st 2009.

We have started to design all of our costumes. There are ten groups altogether and the costumes will represent different themes. The themes are:
•    By The Seaside
•    New School Uniform
•    The Four Seasons
•    Rock Star
•    Girls Night Out
•    Film or T.V. characters
•    Famous Artists
•    Sport
•    Casual Wear
•    1960s Fashion

All of the costumes will be designed in class but we will make them at home.  We have all been working hard looking on websites to give us ideas.
Here are the two useful websites:

Everyone is looking forward to the Fashion Show. Watch this space for more news and photographs of our Recycled Fashion Show!

Ellen, Hannah, Roddy and Kimberley

World Maths Day

World Maths Day In P3/4

Everyone in P3/4 took part in World Maths Day. It was very easy and lots of fun! All you needed to do was go online and register to play. Then you played against children from all over the world to answer maths questions correctly as fast as you could and you might come in first place! On the website ‘World Maths Day’ you could make up a character for yourself. You could make yourself look like you do in real life or you could make your character look funny.

There were all kinds of sums, but they were usually very easy addition or subtraction. The trick was to be quick and accurate. You could end up in first place, second place, third place or fourth place, but if you got three questions wrong it was a strike out! You could play with people from all over the world.  If you were lucky enough you might be able to play with relatives from around the world.

It was really fun!  You could really practise and get better at Maths.  P3/4 loved it and so should you!

Kirsty A and Isabella

P3/4 Imaginative Writing

P3/4 imagined that they were a mouse who lived in the school. They wrote about its adventures after the children and staff went home at night.


The School Mouse

by Kimberley Butters P4


Great! It is quiet and I can go on an adventure. My name is Mini and I am a two year old mouse. I have two brothers and three sisters. I live in a nest in Aberlady Nursery classroom and I play there every day once the children and the teachers are all gone. I love going out to play because there is a sandpit to play in and Lego to play with and lots of other things to do.


I went out to play in the sandpit and I heard a dreadful noise. It sounded like someone came onto the school but it was just my sister and brother with a pot of cheddar cheese. I found a bottle of white stuff. I opened it and crawled into the bottle. I got covered in it then I realized it was white paint. I saw the water tray and jumped in even though I don’t like water. I got washed and went back home and went to sleep with my family.


I had a great day today. I do it every day. Once I made a Lego motorbike but my little brother broke it so I will have to make another one.  It has been a lovely day so now I will go to sleep.



 A Day In the Life Of A Mouse

by Maddie Rothero P3


What a relief!  All of those children are gone and it’s time for me to go to school.  My name is Coco the Mouse and I am 8 years old.  Sorry, got to rush!  I am going to be late for class.  You see, I go to school with my mice friends when the children and teacher have gone home.  My classroom is in the P1/2 classroom and we have so much fun playing with the boats in the water area.  We also go on trips to other classrooms and sometimes they even let us take some of the doll’s house furniture.  Today we are doing art and we get to play in the water area.


I think it’s cheese for lunch.  I hope so.  It’s my favourite thing to eat.  I think we are using the paint today so I think I will just nibble through this can of paint.  Splat!  Oh dear!  I did not mean to do that.  Oh well, better luck next time.  I step in the paint and dab it everywhere.  It’s breaktime now so I can get up to a lot of mischief.  First I am going to go into every classroom and rip up a lot of paper for my nest.  Next I will go to the staffroom and photocopy myself and then I will relax in my nest until it’s time for my next class.  Classes were great and now it’s time for me to go home.


The School Mouse

by Mari Scott P3


Oh! It’s nice and quiet in here. I can get out of my mouse hole now because all the teachers and children have gone home. Now, which classroom shall I go to first? I think I should go to the P1/2 classroom. Then I can disguise myself in red paint and pretend that I am a doll in their doll’s house. So I go down the steps to their classroom and see my family, all my four brothers and my mum and dad. We decide to chew up one of the jotters to make a nice cosy nest. I find a skateboard and a skating track so I decide to skate on the toy skateboard down a ramp and land back down on the floor.


Then I decide to go to the Primary 2/3 classroom to play with some more toys and have some more tricks to get up to. I scamper down the corridor and go into the classroom and have lots more fun. We go and make a Lego car and drive away through the corridor to the Primary 3/4 classroom and get up to lots of mischief. We even pour a pencil pot out on to the floor and leave it there. Then we go into one of the children’s trays and nibble up all the papers in the tray until there is nothing left. Great! A comfortable bed for the night!



An Adventure with Cheddar the Mouse

by Ellen Hamilton P4


Finally those children are gone! Time to go and have a play now. The teacher has left my cage door open. How generous of her!


Hello, my name is Cheddar and I am a mouse. I live in a cage as a pet in the P3/4 classroom. Oops! I think I ate too much food last night. Oh well, I’ll have to go on the running wheel for a couple of minutes before playtime. That should be enough for tonight.


Now how to get out of this smelly cage? Ah ha! I’ll have to jump out! I’m flying! Oh no not for long. Now where is the door to get out of this classroom? Next stop Primary 1/2’s classroom. Here it is, right down the hallway. Now I’m here, what shall I play with first? The doll’s house, the Lego, the sandbox? I know, the doll’s house. It is full of little furniture perfect for a little mouse to play on.


What to do next? Oh no! What is that dreadful sound? I think it is the school bell. Well, time to go back to my boring old cage where I sleep all day. At least I know I’ll have another fun day tomorrow. Goodnight!



The Mouse

by Angus Dickson-Murray


Yesss! All those noisy children have gone. Hello, my name is Cuddles and

I am a mouse. I can am out of my mouse-hole now because all the school children have gone. I have had a busy day. Let me explain.


I went into my mouse-hole to go and get my stolen hamster wheel. When

I came back out I went for a wheel around the classroom. Then I wheeled out the door. Next I wheeled along the corridor and into the P1/2 classroom. I climbed out of my wheel and put it in a corner. Then I scurried around the room looking for things to do. Eventually I decided to paint a picture of myself. I scampered over to the art cupboard and took out the brown paint. Then I pulled a sheet of paper from the paper drawer and found a mouse-sized paintbrush. Then I put some brown paint into a dish, took my paintbrush and started to paint a picture of myself. When I had finished I put the paintbrush away. Then I cleaned the dish.


Suddenly the cuckoo clock cuckooed for the morning. Quickly, I grabbed some nails from the teacher’s desk, took my painting and squeezed back into my wheel. When I was safely home I put my painting on the wall and pinned it up  with the nails. It looked splendid! Then I ate my piece of leftover cheese, snuggled down in my mouse nest and went to sleep. Zzzzz!


Primary 3/4 talks


We have been working hard in Primary 3/4, giving talks to the rest of the class. We are talking about our favourite books. Mr Scott, our Quality Improvement Officer listened to some of the talks. Miss Howat has also been to visit. She just missed Roddie’s talk but he said that he was, “Up for anything and would love to do his talk again to Primary 6!”
Primary 6 have been working on something similar and are “Pitching a Book” to each other. We think it would be fun if Primary 6 pitched their books to Primary 3/4 and if Primary 3/4 shared some of their talks with Primary 6.