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P5 Orienteering Competition

P5 went to an orienteering competition. Orienteering is when you follow a map to some controls, you have a dibber ( an electronic finger) you have to put the dibber in to the controls and wait till it beeps. P5 had 11 controls to go to around the Musselburgh lagoons and past the sea. We got put into pairs to sit on the bus and to go orienteering. Before we went orienteering we played some games and had some hot chocolate but the Kelly kettle didn’t work so we had to go to an the education centre  for the hot chocolate . Jacob and Adam came 3rd out of over 100 pairs. There is a video on youtube please check it out:

By Evie and Austin





Learning Skills on Making a Movie :)

P5 and P6 made wildlife documentaries on Windows Movie Maker. We learned how to cut and edit clips. We found lots of animals and learned lots about them. We got other classes to write to SOC, Nature Reserve and Gosford Estate to ask if we could put our camera there. Overall we learned how to make a movie. P3/4 watched the movies and thought the P5s worked really hard.



By Alasdair Fairclough and James Hendry

P5s amazing art

In p5 we are entering an art auction. We are drawing animals with normal pictures then we drew grids on them and put them on to gridded paper. After that we rub out the lines and then used charcoal pencils or normal charcoal. Just wanted to say it was all because  Miss Ferguson  (our student teacher) is such amazing teacher THANK YOU!!

P5s Camera Trap

In P5 we have set up a camera trap every week. On Friday we take it outside and we get to pick were we put it. Once we put it beside the owls nest. Why are we doing this? We are doing it because we want to find out what wildlife we can see in our school playground.

From Austin Webb


P5 Pop art

P5 did some lovely pop art. This is what we did: We took Photos of our self and the we traced them. Then we put them on to real paper. It was really fun!!!

Evie and Austin