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P2/3, P3/4 and the Sustainability Group visit to Kinwegar Recycling Centre

Today the Sustainability Group and two classes from school went to find out all about recycling in East Lothian at the Kinwegar Recycling Centre near Wallyford. P2/3 and P3/4 were visiting in connection with their topics on Global Awareness, and the Sustainability Group were there to find out how we can make sure our school – and wider community – recycle as much as possible.
Mrs Mair ferried groups backwards and forwards to the centre as only 17 people could go at a time for safety reasons. Damien and Mo (Ella’s mum and dad)were there all morning to help us.
Joe and John from the centre took us to see where bin lorries empty their waste – most of which goes to landfill – and then to see where all the sorting happens for recycling. We learned what happens to all the skipfuls of recycling that people take to the site. Did you know that glass from bottles in East Lothian can be used to make water filters for sending to countries where clean water does not just come out of a tap? Or that paper and cardboard can be recycled 7 times before it is too weak to be used again? Or that fleeces can be made from recycled plastic. (We all had a look inside Mo’s jacket! There is a big label that explains that it was made from recycled bottles!)
We all found the trip very interesting and loved watching some of the machines crushing the rubbish! Now we will be watching to make sure we all (at home and at school) make sure we recycle as much as possible. Look out for the recycling police!!


The Charity Group are doing a collection for the East Lothian Food Bank. The food bank urgently need:
– sponge puddings
– tinned vegetables (no baked beans, they have too many!)
– long-life milk
– long-life fruit juice
– teabags
– sugar

Please bring in items that you’d like to donate by Thursday 27th October.

Thank you

The Charity Group

P6 Taj Mahal Water Colours

In P6 we have been using water colours by blending colours to make nice effects. We also drew Taj Mahal’s by drawing half then using tracing paper to trace it then by pressing down hard with a pencil. Next we stuck on our water colours to black card, cut out our Taj Mahal and stuck them both on and stuck them on the wall.
By Jackson P6 and Etienne P2