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Primary 1 and Primary 7 visit SOC Art Exhibition

This morning Primary 1 and Primary 7 visited the SOC to see the exhibition of art work, stories and poems which the Aberlady pupils created last term to celebrate Gala Week. The children were delighted to see their work on display! Many thanks to the SOC and to our talented parents who organised this quality learning experience for the children.

P.1 Orienteering

This morning Primary 1 had a go at orienteering led by our P.E. specialist, Mrs Robertson. The children worked with their Primary 7 buddies and tried hard to complete the challenges in the quickest times possible. Great effort boys and girls! Many thanks to our Primary 7 pupils for supporting the younger children so ably.

P.1/P.7 Footie Thursday

This afternoon Primary 1 and Primary 7 continued their Sport Relief activities by practising ball skills together. Primary 6 joined in as well. There was a lot of turn taking, teamwork and co-operation to be seen in the playground. Well done everyone!

P.1/P.7 Racing Wednesday

Primary 1 enjoyed an invigorating race round the school with their Primary 7 buddies this afternoon as they continued the Sport Relief Week activities. Great effort everyone!

P.1/P.7 Skip-a-thon Tuesday

This afternoon Primary 1 and Primary 7 enjoyed skipping together for Sport Relief. As always the Primary 7 boys and girls did a sterling job of supporting their buddies and giving them tips on how to improve their skipping skills. Great teamwork everyone!

P.1/P.7 Hula Hoop Monday

Many thanks to our P.7 buddies for encouraging and helping the P.1 boys and girls to have a go at hula hooping! A great time was had by all!