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P4/P7 Art/Art Auction

In Primary 4 in art we have been creating pieces of artwork of tulips, we all had to think about how big we would sketch them out then we would draw the outline, we were given a choice of the colours brown, red and blue of the pot. Our teacher Miss Higgins searched if they were green tulips and we found out that they are  but they are very faded. For the detail and the colour we used pencil, We all had fun, it took us some time but we very much enjoyed  it.

In P7 we were studying the village study and enterprise. We were all given a choice of what part/historic site of Aberlady to sketch, watercolour paint then paint the final piece on a canvas. Quite recently we had an art auction open to anybody who would like to come and try to bid for a painting, or to just watch or get some refreshments or to watch the nature documentary. We all had fun painting and organising what we needed for the art auction.

Written by Leah and Milly

Primary 7 PE Hockey tournament

This week in P.E P7 had a hockey tournament against their class mates. There were four teams, blue, yellow, red and green. The first match was the green team against the reds. The whole class were cooperating well, and worked hard. They were some decisions about who would be playing at first and who would be goalie. Our favourite part was when we scored a goal for our teams.

by Emma and Milly

Aberlady Artwork by Primary 7

In Primary 7,  during this week our class has been doing artwork of historic / interesting places of the Aberlady village. We all were given homework to do, the task was to take a picture or go on Google images to get a picture of a well known / historic site of the village. After the homework was handed in, we got given watercolour paints and paper, we were told to sketch the outline out first of all and then after, we used the paints to do the task of the site we had chosen.

I enjoyed this part of the week.

What have P1s and P7s been doing in class?

The primary 1s learnt about how to count in twos all the way up to ten. Well done Primary 1, you must have worked very hard to do that!
P7s have a rotary quiz that four pupils in P7 will take part in. They will compete against other schools in East Lothian in a general knowledge quiz and on the third of March we had a mock quiz to see who will get to go to the rotary quiz. There were lots of different categories and overall there was 45 questions. The highest scoring four were Alexander, Amy, Macca and Clara. We will have another quiz on Monday to see who gets into the team.

By Catrin and Zoe

What P7 and P1 have been up to.

This week P1 have been adding two numbers together to make one big number. Riley in primary one says that he enjoys learning new things.

Last week P7 went to North Berwick High School to meet other people in our year going up to S1. P7 were  put into different groups and created a business where  we had to buy supplies to create models to sell and get money from the bank. We all felt like we were in the Apprentice!

by Emma and Riley

P7 have been writing emails!

On Friday P7 wrote an email to people with small/big businesses to ask if they could come to Aberlady Primary School to tell us about their experience in business . P7 are writing to Mr Notely, Mr Young, Mr Gilhooly, Mr Young (Aidan, Mr Young’s son), Mr Davidson, Mr Eason and Mr Saddler. I hope they can all come so they can talk to P7 about their businesses.