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Nursery enrolment: Enrol your child by 6 March 2020


Families with a child born between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018 are being encouraged to enrol their child in nursery before 6 March 2020 for 2020/21.


Older children, or those who have not yet registered for an early learning and childcare place, should also register by this date.


To register for a place:

  • Visit and find out about the different options available in council nursery settings from August 2020.
  • Download a nursery registration form from the website.
  • Complete the form and take it to your preferred (first) choice nursery. You should also take your child’s birth certificate.
  • If you are choosing a blend of more than one provider, apply to your council nursery first and then speak to your funded provider – private nursery, childminder or community group – about what hours you would like from them.
  • Make sure your application is in before 6 March 2020. Applications will still be accepted after this date, but they will not be considered in the first allocation process. Please get in touch with the Early Years and Childcare team if you have any questions or you can’t register by 6 March 2020.

01620 827872/01620 828786/ 01620 820186


Target Time in P.1

On Monday “Target Time” was introduced in Primary 1. Throughout the week the children have a go at six challenges which are set up around the classroom. Every time they complete an activity successfully, the children take a different coloured lollipop stick and put it in their pot. By the end of the week they should have managed to make a rainbow! The boys and girls all agree that this is a fun way to learn!

Sport Relief

Today was the start of our Sport Relief week where we are embracing the ‘Daley Challenge’ (that’s Tom Daley – not a spelling mistake!!) Each day every class will do an active challenge instead of the Daily Mile – today was Hula Hoop Monday. In addition to class activities, there was lots of hula hooping going on with our super energetic children at break!
On Friday the whole school challenge will be ‘Boogie Friday’ when everyone will dance together at the end of break time (and I mean everyone!). During the week some of the Inclusion Committee, plus other willing P7s are dancing on the stage at break time to teach everyone Friday’s dance. Such was the enthusiasm today, the dancing went on at lunch time as well! Thank you to those who joined in – you’ll be experts by Friday!
Of course Sport Relief is about raising money. Wristbands are for sale each break time for £1 and we have asked everyone to bring in a donation for our Boogie Friday – on Friday!
Thank you.

P2 World of Work Day 3

Today Andrea Spink came in to see us to explain what her work as an Art Therapist is about. She helped us to think about different kinds of feelings and how they make us feel inside. By choosing from a variety of objects we were able to try to explain how different emotions make us feel. We really enjoyed this and will try to remember that it is important to talk about the way we feel and not keep things stored up inside us. Thank you for coming in to share what you know with us Andrea.