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P.1 World of Work :Day 5

Primary 1 welcomed their final “World of Work” visitor this morning. Tina told the children all about the Stagecoach Performing Arts School which helps children to become more confident and develop lifelong skills through singing, dancing and drama. Some of these skills include listening, concentrating, watching and trying out ideas. The boys and girls had fun playing games with Tina and trying on some of the costumes too. Thank you so much, Tina, for giving us such a fun-filled morning. What a fantastic way to end a very successful “World of Work” week!

P.1 World of Work: Day 4

This morning Primary 1 had three more “World of Work” visitors! Louise talked about her job as a psychologist and how she helps people to settle their thoughts. She told us that it is very important to look after our feelings and that sleep gives our brains a chance to rest. Then she took us on a “Magic Carpet” adventure which was very relaxing! Our next visitor, Margaret, told us all about her husband’s decorating business. The children were very interested to see the safety clothes that Kenny wears and especially the long handled brush that he uses to reach very high ceilings! Our last visitor was Arlene and she told the boys and girls all about her work as an anaesthetist. She explained how she helps to make people feel comfortable and safe during operations and how she helps when babies are being born. Many thanks to our visitors for giving us such an interesting morning exploring the “World of Work”.

P.1 World of Work: Day 3

Today Primary 1 found out about two more interesting jobs when David and Andrea came to visit us. David told the children all about his work as an engineer. He explained how he uses power from the sun, wind and water to make things move and to make electricity. Andrea talked about her work as an art psychotherapist and how she helps people to let their feelings out by putting their feelings into art. Many thanks to both David and Andrea for helping us find out more about the world of work.

World of Work Week in Primary 1- Day 2

Primary 1 were delighted to welcome two more visitors today who came in to talk about their work. Sheena told the children all about costume designing and the exciting world of film making. Craig talked about his work as a charge nurse in intensive care and all the different ways that the very sick patients are cared for by the medical team. Thank you both so much for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us to understand more about the world of work.

World of Work Week in Primary 1- Day 1

This morning “World of Work Week” began at Aberlady Primary School. Primary 1 have started to find out about different jobs that people do. Two visitors, Jenni and Ben, talked to the children about their work as a firefighter and a code writer. The class was very interested to learn about the different skills needed to be good at these jobs. The boys and girls realise that they have started to develop some of these important skills already themselves! Many thanks to Jenni and Ben for sharing their expertise.