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Garden Boat Arrives At Aberlady!

This morning John arrived at school with his team of gardeners and…. a boat! They got to work preparing the ground at the front of the school for the boat to sit in. It wasn’t long before the inquisitive Primary 1 children arrived to find out what was happening. John explained how the boat was being filled with a layer of seaweed, upside down turf and soil to create the perfect bed for planting. The boys and girls were very interested to hear about the important job that the worms do to make the soil good and have decided to make a wormery in the classroom. We are all so grateful to John and our gardening friends for their continued support and especially to Kate who donated the wonderful garden boat! Thank you!

Primary 1 Camera Trap!

This morning Primary 1 were actively involved in the “Wonderful Wildlife” project which is being led by the older pupils at Aberlady Primary School. Our friend and wildlife expert, John Harrison, took the class to the SOC to set up a camera trap. The children split into groups and explored the area looking for the best places to put the camera. They found five good positions where the camera will be set up throughout the week. They are hoping to get some exciting footage of wildlife around the centre! When the children returned to school, Primary 7 interviewed the boys and girls. The information they gathered will contribute to the making of a “Wonderful Wildlife” documentary! Many thanks to John and to Wendy from the SOC for giving us permission to carry out the research. Grateful thanks also to Grandad Roger for accompanying us on the visit.

Climate Friendly Aberlady and The Sustainability Responsibility Group

We had a visit today from Pamela Candea from The Surefoot Effect, an organisation that helps people to work out how to live in a more sustainable way. Pam was here to talk to the whole school at assembly, and then to run a workshop, organised by Ian Malcolm from ‘Climate Friendly Aberlady’, that was open to the Aberlady Community. The school’s Sustainability Group were able to be part this workshop and we learned a little more about what a carbon footprint is, and how our carbon footprints here in Aberlady compare with those from around the world. What we heard certainly gave us lots of food for thought.

The Sustainability Group has now heard from a variety of people about what ‘Sustainabilty’ means and we have been given lots to think about! We now need to decide what work we would like to do this year to try to make our school and our community more sustainable.
Watch this space!

Silly Socks! 18th November

Aberlady primary are donating money this year to the sick kids  foundation. So we are having a silly sock day on Friday the 18th of November. It is dress down on Friday but remember to wear SILLY SOCKS too! Please bring a donation for the sick kids! After school on Friday there will be a bake sale so REMEMBER a little bit of money!!!! The bake sale is being prepared by some mums.

By Eloise and Finlay- Charity Group


The Charity Group are doing a collection for the East Lothian Food Bank. The food bank urgently need:
– sponge puddings
– tinned vegetables (no baked beans, they have too many!)
– long-life milk
– long-life fruit juice
– teabags
– sugar

Please bring in items that you’d like to donate by Thursday 27th October.

Thank you

The Charity Group