Staff List

Head Teacher Mrs P Currie
Principal Teacher Mrs C Peaston
Teacher of P7 Mrs C Peaston
Teacher of P6 Mrs J Jeans/Miss L Wood
Teacher of P4/5 Mrs L Craig
Teacher of P3/4 Miss H Salmon
Teacher of P2 Mrs S Mackay
Teacher of P1 Mrs E Unwin
Nursery Teachers Miss L Wood (Tues pm only)
Nursery Nurses Mrs A Hall & Mrs S Anderson
Support for Learning Teacher Mrs M Wightman
Visiting Teacher of French Mrs J Swan
Visiting Teacher of Music Mr K Hutchison
Visiting Teacher of P.E. Mrs H Robertson
Visiting Violin Specialist Miss P Hickman
School Secretary Mrs G Mair
ASN Auxiliary/Playground Auxiliary Mrs H Jarron
Classroom Assistant/Dining/Playground Auxiliary Mrs D Donaldson
Catering Assistants Mrs J Arbuckle / Mrs I Perry
Janitor Vacant
Cleaner Mrs M Thorburn /Mrs A Hoggan

Aberlady Primary School, Moor Road, Aberlady, East Lothian EH32 0RQ Tel 01875 870232 Email