Fundraising Successes

Fundraising Successes

Fundraising activities organised by Parents and supporters of the Aberlady Primary School is an important way of ensuring that the school receives additional funds.   The annual programme of events run by parents in Aberlady, including the Autumn Fair, Uniform Sales, Fireworks, Cup Cake Friday and other initiatives (to find out more visit the Calendar of Events page) have been incredibly successful and have helped the school and our children in the following ways:


The school’s subscription to Mathletics was made possible as a result of funds raised from the programme of events run by parents. Every child in the school is able to access this learning tool at home and it’s received great feedback from children and parents.

School Trips

As a result of additional funds provided to the school all school trips during the year have been subsidised, allowing our children to get out of the classroom and experience new things!

iBooks and Whiteboards

The school has been able to buy iBooks and new whiteboards for our children to use in school as a result of funds raised, allowing our children to benefit from new equipment and technology to enhance their learning.

These are just a few ways in which parent fundraising has helped our school and children.   It may be as simple as attending one of the events and buying raffle tickets, giving your child some pennies to buy cakes, or volunteering to run or help out at one of the events… every little action helps and can make a real difference to our school.

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