Target Time in P.1

On Monday “Target Time” was introduced in Primary 1. Throughout the week the children have a go at six challenges which are set up around the classroom. Every time they complete an activity successfully, the children take a different coloured lollipop stick and put it in their pot. By the end of the week they should have managed to make a rainbow! The boys and girls all agree that this is a fun way to learn!

Counting Conkers!

This morning some of our Primary 1 children decided to have a go at making necklaces with the beautiful conkers that we have been collecting. Mr Walker helped us to get started by drilling holes in the conkers. The boys and girls had lots of fun threading the conkers onto string. There was a lot of measuring, estimating and counting going on! Great effort everyone!

Whole Body Learning in Primary 1!

Primary 1 have been considering how we use our whole body to learn. The children have started making an eye- catching frieze all about their learning and hope to have it completed in time for our mums’ and dads’ visit next week. Rebecca’s suggestion to do painting was very popular and the boys and girls enjoyed adding colour to their drawings of themselves. Another great effort Primary 1!

Welcome Primary 1!

Our new Little Owls all agree that the first three days of Primary 1 have been a huge success! With some help from their Primary 7 buddies, the children have settled very quickly and are already able to demonstrate our three class rules -“ready”, “respectful” and “safe”! Fantastic teamwork boys and girls!

Transition Day in Primary 1!

This morning the nursery boys and girls visited their new Primary 1 classroom. The children looked comfortable and enjoyed being Little Owls for the very first time. They were good listeners and gave their best effort with their black pen drawings of themselves. The children enjoyed exploring the areas too and at the end of the visit they sang some of their favourite songs. Everyone agreed that Primary 1 is going to be fun! Fantastic effort boys and girls!

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