Primary 1 Visits Art Gallery

This morning Primary 1 visited the Scottish National Gallery. The children looked very carefully at the detail in some of the wonderful paintings and they were able to talk about what they could see. They enjoyed making their own drawings inspired by the works of art on display. Great effort boys and girls! Many thanks to our two helpers whose support was very much appreciated.

Grandad visits Primary 1!

This afternoon Grandad Chambers visited Primary 1 and talked about his memories of being five years old. The children were able to use the information to compare life then and now. Grandad was pleased to hear that even although we have computers now we still love books! Many thanks to Grandad for helping us to understand more about the past.

Granny visits Primary 1

This morning Granny Black visited Primary 1 and helped us with our topic all about “then and now”. The children wanted to find out about what life was like when Granny was five years old. They asked Granny lots of questions and were very keen to show her our “Aberlady Museum”. Many thanks to Granny for helping us to become more aware about the past and how things have changed.

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