Primary 7 have arrived at Benmore

We are here and a have arrived safely. Unfortunately internet access is not great, so this post is being published via Edinburgh.

Day one has been a big success, here are some of the children’s thoughts so far:

“We had lots of fun today exploring the grounds and have made many new friends. I am looking forward to the night walk tonight” – Jonathan

“The activities are fun.” – Sarah and Joe

“We had a really nice instructor today. We crawled through tunnels and went exploring” – Holly

“We have to get up really early tomorrow morning” – Liberty (8am!!)

“I have discovered how hard it is to make a bed.” – Alice

“We have met some really nice people from other schools” – Callie

“It is very pretty around here.” – Morven

“Benmore is brilliant” – Claire

“I am looking forward to the activities tomorrow: abseiling and gorge walking ” – James

“The bus journey was quite long” – Carter

“The stairs were very difficult to drag our huge bags up” – Christie

“The bus journey was much quieter while Miss Howat slept” – Holly

Everybody is having a great time and we hope to keep you updated if we can. We already have many great photographs that we will share with you soon.

P3/4 Trip to see Michael Rosen

On Monday, 12th May, P3/4 went to The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh to see the first performance by the children’s Poet Laureate, Michael Rosen, on his tour of Scotland. Stephanie had won tickets for our whole class when her poem ‘Shhhh!’ was chosen as one of the prize-winners for Edinburgh and the Lothians.

There were children from lots of other schools there and it was very busy. We were all excited and couldn’t wait for Michael Rosen to appear. First of all, he told us about his life as a little boy, sharing a bedroom with his brother Brian. They got up to lots of mischief and we laughed at all his stories. Then he told us about his Dad and the funny things he said. He also told us the poem about his very strict teacher who didn’t allow the pupils to breathe. She was very, very strict! Michael’s Mum made delicious chocolate cake when he was small and he told us a hilarious story about eating all the cake up in the middle of the night. We could just imagine him creeping back up the stairs with chocolate round his mouth! Lastly, he told us about the hole he tried to drill into his brother’s bedroom because he missed him so much. It made us realise how much he must have liked his brother!

 ‘My favourite part was when he told us about the hole in the wall because it was very funny. His Dad poked his finger in Michael’s shoulder and said, ‘Never, ever let me see you do that again, or there will be trouble!’ (Cameron)

‘I liked it when he told us that his favourite cake was his Mum’s chocolate cake. One night he started to eat the crumbs round it and ended up eating the whole cake.’ (Freyja)

‘I liked it when Michael told us about his son, Joe, because it was really funny and it was called ‘Mmmmm!’I can just imagine the little boy telling his toys that they were in trouble too.’ (Ross)

 ‘Everyone was happy when we came in. First he told us about when he was a small boy and it was funny. Everyone had a good time.’ (Maya)

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Changeworks Visit

On Thursday 15th of May a man called Neil came to see the p6 and p7 members of the eco-committee. He was from a company called Changeworks. He told them about a competition his company was setting for schools all around East Lothian. The competition was to see which school could reduce the most waste in two to three weeks.
In the lunch hall the girls from the eco-committee stood in a row and sorted out the waste into different categories. Each girl had a bag for different things. One each for food waste, juice cartons, plastic bottles, compost and one of the girls squirted out the leftover juice in cartons or bottles. After lunch they weighed the bags and all together it weighed a staggering 12,200 grams. Unfortunately for the girl who was holding the food waste bag it was stew and potatoes for lunch. SMELLY!

Day of walking

P7 have been on a hillwalking expedition to the Lamermuir hills. We went in two groups.  One went up one side of the hill and one went up the other. Each group had an instructor to help them, they were called Bob and Dave. Mrs Mackay went with Bob’s group.

The trip was tiring but also very good fun. When we got to the top we were all very relieved, but then the insructor said we had to go back down. We met up with the other group near the top of the hill.

It was great fun and we all learnt something, “bring lots of water”!


Primary 6 and 7 have been working towards competing at a competition at Meadowbank. Lots of schools in the area will be part of the competition. There will be lots of events in the competition such as the long jump, high jump, tug of war, cricket ball throw and the 80m,150m and 600m runs round the track. Mrs Paterson has been training and testing us to see who would be good for what event. We are all looking forward to it!

Going To Camp

Primary 7 are really looking forward to school camp. The place we are going to is called Benmore. We are staying in a place called Benmore Outdoor Education. We are going from the 19th of May to the 23rd of May. Mrs Mackay (p7 teacher) and Miss Howat (p5 teacher) are going to be coming on the trip. We will be doing lots of different activities such as sailing, abseiling, canoeing, caving, hillwalking, night walks, gorge walking and many more. Primary 7 have been counting down the days and are REALLY excited! We are ready for good weather and a fabulous week away!

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