Final Day at Benmore

Thank you so much for all your comments. As mentioned before the internet access is not great but they have all been getting through!

The disco is over and we have all had fun. We have made many new friends and have had a great week. Here are our final thoughts:

“The gorge walking was AMAZING! It was the most fun thing ever (apart from the slimy rocks)” – Megan,Libby, and Christy

“Kayaking was fabulous.” – Claire

“Abseiling was quite scary but good fun.” – Emma

“Happy Birthday Dad. See you soon.” Love from Holly

“I can’t believe it’s nearly over. It has been a quick week.” – Morven

“Mum beware there is a whole plastic bag of washing coming your way. It ways a ton.” – Catriona

“I’m so tired! Please get the hot water on, hot chocolate with marshmallows ready and a nice cosy bed please Mum.”- Alice

“Hi Zack. I miss you.” – Jonathan

“At the gorge walking we got soaking wet. It was great fun.” – Jo and Carter

“We hope to see you soon Ethan. We have missed you.” – Euan

“Sailing was fun.”- Charles

“It has been a great week but I can’t wait to come home.” – Craig

“We had apple crumble for dinner tonight Ethan. Are you jealous?” – Sam

“We really miss you Ellie, see you soon.” Love from all the girls

“I had great fun at the disco.” – Michael

“I had great fun on my last activities today. I will be sad to leave this place” – Liberty

“Going really fast in the speed boat today was fun.” – Callie, Sarah and Miss Howat

“I am looking forward to going home.” – James

“I enjoyed kayaking today.”- Jack

“Gorge walking got everyone soaked, it was fun” – Calum

“Kayaking was really fun but the water was cold” – Ben


Sorry technology has not allowed more photos to be posted. Watch this space, more will arrive soon.

Day Three at Benmore

The weather is great and we are all having lots of fun. We have all been doing a range of activities and are very proud of our achievements. This is what we have been doing today:

“We have been abseiling and gorge walking. It was scary but fun” – Craig,Ben,Jack,Morven and Megan.

“We have been kayaking and orienteering and got a bit wet” – Sam,Holly,Callie,Alice,James and Charles.

“We have been mountain biking and kayaking and are a bit sore now” – Christie and Sarah

“We have been gorge walking and sailing, it was great fun. Mrs Mackay came with us too” – Catriona, Emma

“We have been canoeing and orienteering with Miss Howat. We also got wet!” – Libby,Michael,Joe and Calum

“We have been abseiling and kayaking, it was a challenge.” – Carter, Ewan and Jonathan

“We have been biking and orienteering, it was the best.” – Claire and Liberty

Primary 2/3 Special Person

Primary 2/3 have a special person award which is given out every Friday. The children work hard all week to earn stars for their chart. The person with the most stars takes home Harry the Hippo for the weekend. These 4 children have already been special person. Keep looking for our next special person. 
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