About Aberlady Parent Council

Aberlady Parent Council is the body responsible for representing parents’ views, so that those views can be discussed with people such as Mrs Currie, East Lothian Council representatives or other Parent Councils in the area. Parent Council is also responsible for feeding back the outcomes of these discussions.


Aberlady Primary School’s Parent Council has around 12 members who are currently all parents or carers of children at the school. The number of parents or carers can vary from year to year and co-opted members are also allowed, such as members of the community. Ideally, we look for a range of members which cover every school year group.


Any parent or carer with a child at the school can volunteer to become a member.


We meet six times per school year and there is also an Annual General Meeting early in each new school session. Meetings are attended by Mrs Currie and the principal teacher, Mrs Peaston. One of the local councillors is also usually in attendance. Dates of this session’s meetings can be found under Parent Council Meeting Dates on the website.


Parent Council meetings are open meetings and anybody with a child at the school can attend. If you would like to contact Parent Council, the names and photographs of current members can be found on the noticeboards inside school and the nursery as well as on the school website under Parent Council Members. You can also leave a message at the school office or send an e-mail to parentcouncil@aberlady.elcschool.org.uk.


All this information and more can be found in the attached leaflet. For an idea of the sort of things we get involved in, take a look at the Annual Reports section of the website for summaries of previous year’s activities, or at the minutes of last sessions meetings in Parent Council Minutes.


Everyone benefits when parents and schools work together, so please get involved if you can!



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