Wednesday 7th December – Sea Buckthorn Fire & Cook Out!

That’s right folks, you read correctly. While the man with the purse strings was out on his lunch, I went in and snaffled some pennies for food to cook. We’ve done baked potatoes and apples well enough so it’s time to up the ante. So there’ll be a variety of meat and veg cooked in a variety of ways to sample, and cake in orange (yes, you read that correctly too!). There’ll be enough food for everyone (please let me know if you’re coming so I know how many ‘everyone’ is) all courtesy of ELC to thank you for all your efforts through the year. If you would like to bring anything yourself to cook (or you don’t trust my culinary skills) then please feel free. Oh, and we may clear a bit of sea buckthorn, but definitely light a big fire!

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