Plant Monitoring – can you help?

If you could spare some time to help monitor rare plants at the nature reserve then please read on…

Monitoring work of plants at Aberlady Bay includes that of around 25 individual species that are particularly rare nationally, and locally. Many of these plants cover an extensive area of the reserve and take a great deal of time to record. And this is where you may be able to help…!

I am looking for a few folk to help look for and record certain plant species this year. Below is a list of dates with the particular plant I am wanting to survey. You need no prior experience as we’ll go through how to identify each species on the day and how to record it. We’ll also have the opportunity to take a look at some other plants whilst we’re out there. We’ll start at 9.30am and be finished by 3pm, although you are welcome to come for a half day if you can manage that.


THURS 27th June – Bog Pimpernel and Variegated Horsetail

TUES 2nd July – Bog Pimpernel and Variegated Horsetail

FRI 5th July – Marsh Stitchwort, Lesser Water-plantain, Fen Pondweed

MON 22nd July – Moonwort


If you’re able to assist then please let me know.

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